The Total Fascianator Package


Includes the Fascianation Method instructional DVD and the standard size Fascianator roller.

The roller is about 20″ long and has a unique diameter which allows you to access all the hard-to-reach areas to free up the fascial tension on your arteries, veins, nerves and lymphatic vessels. Free yourself and feel your body start to improve it’s mobility, circulation, lymphatic drainage, breathing, and digestion.

The Fascianator roller has a removable and washable sock cover. Includes the 26 page Fascianation Method Instructional  download. Learn how to roll all your body parts, head to toe for improved body awareness and total body relief!

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The Total Fascianation Package includes the 20″ Fascianator Roller, the link to the downloadable instructional E-Manual (pdf), and the Fascianation Method instructional DVD.

Manage and mitigate chronic pain and inflammatory ailments using the Total Fascianation Method package. Use the Fascianator roller and the Fascianation Method DVD to reconnect with your body and relieve the tension stored in your myofascial organ system. If left unresolved, the tension in the fascial organ system can cause chronic pain and chronic inflammation. Don’t wait; fascianate

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