Lockdown Fascianator Challenge – Virtual Rolling Classes

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Join us!

Use this stay-at-home order and lockdown period wisely and responsibly. Don’t just tidy in and around your home, use your Fascianator roller and The Fascianation Method rolling techniques to increase blood flow, clear your body of stickiness, obstructions, stiffness, constipation, and poor posture which all affect your health and spirit. Your body is your temple!

We challenge you to take our virtual Fascianation Method self-myofascial release classes two times/week for two weeks. If you fulfill the challenge we will reward you the 2020 release of our Fascianation Method Instructional mp4 Video. Take as many classes as possible for two weeks and we encourage you to keep contributing to the community —  you and your household can take unlimited classes for one month!

Do the body housekeeping that will

1. Boost your immunity by flushing out existing toxins in your body.
 Take out the garbage that hampers your immune system.
2. Manage your stress levels by rolling your tension away.
We even have a rolling technique that slows heart rate and calms anxiety.
3. Improve your lung strength and breathing capacity
Our techniques improve posture, decrease stiffness and tension obstructs airflow within the body.


 Class times are Hawaii Standard Time

Mondays 4:00PM / Tuesdays 9:00 AM  / Wednesdays 7:15 PM  / Thursdays 6:30 PM  / Fridays and Saturdays 9:30 AM

**If you are in another time zone and classes listed above do not suit your schedule, contact us and we can help you find a live class offered by one of our Certified Fascianation Method Practitioner that better suits you.**

Online classes are conducted by Zoom video conferencing.  You’ll need a laptop computer, iPad/tablet, or smart mobile device. The Zoom app is free and you can download the app at zoom.us/support/download and open a free account.

Within 24 hours after purchase you will receive a confirmation email with the ID# and password that allows you to access the Zoom classes.

We are all learning new ways these days! We’re happy to help you if you need help setting up Zoom or have questions about your Zoom setup.



1 review for Lockdown Fascianator Challenge – Virtual Rolling Classes

  1. Spencer Lee

    For those of you who have been rolling for years and are now lost without Anthony on a weekly basis. Look no further, this is the class for you during this stay-at-home period. I will be the first to say (and admit online) that commitment to daily, weekly, monthly, is like most, “only when I go to a class”. This has been the most I have rolled in years (cue Anthony’s look). Wished that this was always available as it makes it that much easier to participate in a class without getting dress up to go out. Hoping that this keeps me motivated, and you out there as well. Thanks again Anthony for introducing all of us to this great method of taking care of our fascia!

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