Fascianator Self-Myofascial Release Roller (Standard Size, E-Manual link included)


The standard size Fascianator is about 20″ long and has a unique diameter which allows you to access large and small muscles, compartments between muscles, and all the hard-to-reach areas that can be missed with  larger diameter rollers.  Regular use of the Fascianator can help free up the fascial tension surrounding your arteries, veins, nerves and lymphatic vessels. Add the Fascianator roller to your self-care arsenal to improve mobility, flexibility, circulation, lymphatic drainage, breathing, digestion, and self-awareness..

The Fascianator roller has a removable and washable sock cover. Included is the 31 page Fascianator Method E-Manual download link. Learn how to roll all your body parts, head to toe for improved body awareness and total body relief!