Daniela’s testament to The Fascination Method

This class is a game-changer whether you want to enhance your athletic performance or live chronic-pain free!

Discover the benefits of The Fascianation Method, a methodical self-myofascial release in this toe-to-head rolling class. The rolling techniques that you will learn will relax stiff and achy joints and muscles. During class you will feel a wonderful sense of warmth from improved blood and lymphatic circulation. You will also improve your flexibility, posture, breathing, digestion, and energy.  Reset, rebalance, restore, and revitalize!

Bring a yoga mat, towel and water. Please wear exercise clothing that is not too baggy.

1 thought on “Daniela’s testament to The Fascination Method”

  1. It is difficult to express what Anthony’s Fascianation classes has done for me. About 4 months ago I fell while running and an MRI revealed that I have a torn rotator cuff, tendonitis and bursitis in my shoulder. I am in my sixties and supposed to be enjoying my life to the fullest. Instead, I have been in excruciating pain day and night with no relief. A friend told me to try Anthony’s Fascianation class. My body is not very flexible so I was concerned that I may not be able to keep up in the class. Anthony was great….he helped me do the exercises correctly and was thorough in his explanations of the reason for each movement. At the conclusion of the hour class, I could move my arm without pain! I took 2 more classes over the course of a week and purchased a Fascianator so I could continue the exercises at home when I wasn’t in class. It’s been 2 weeks and I just experienced my first 24 hour period of no pain! Not only that, but my body is becoming more flexible and I overall feel so much better! I cannot speak highly enough of Anthony’s class. Do your body a great service by making the Fascianation method a part of your daily exercise routine.

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