Our caring Fascianation Method Practitioners are passionate about life and offer invaluable experiences, not just appointments!

Bonnie Mahler
Master Practitioner - Castle Rock, Colorado

Bonnie is a Master Fascination Method Practitioner leading our Fascianation Method Colorado team. Bonnie has decades of experience in the wellness, fitness, and personal development fields. Her breadth of professional experience spans from nurse, author, life mastery coach, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) coach,  hypnotherapy coach, and Bonnie was even a Celine Dion tribute artist!

Jennifer Smith
Practitioner - Highlands Ranch, Colorado

I have a B.S. in Nutrition and have been involved with health and passionate about fitness for more than 36 years. My husband and I are older parents and we are pain free, and full of energy! I love sharing things I believe can make a positive impact on feeling better and empowering our health to live healthier longer.

When I was introduced to fascia fitness with The Fascianation Method of self- myofascial release (SMR), I fell in love with it. I immediately knew it was my missing link to helping my body feel better and do more! I believe what we have is a blessing for those who are open to learning how they can help their body heal themself naturally – far more effectively.

Personally, I have never really suffered from chronic “tissue issues”, but  I have experienced being “sidelined” from the things I love to do – because of acute pain due to over-exercising and improper stretching. Think- hip flexors, calves, lower back and piriformis sciatica pain. I had been seeing a chiropractor for glutes/piriformis /sciatic issues for a few months without any real progress. 

Then, I attended a Facianation Method class, and had immediate reduction in my pain. Healthy fascia has been called“the missing link” in fitness. This is truly a perfect way to Empower Health and help you to feel better and do more of what you love.

Ali Martin-Blevins
Practitioner - Haleiwa Hawaii

Ali resides on the North Shore of Oahu, offering Fascianation Method release rolling classes virtually (via Zoom) for the entire north shore region with regular group classes at the North Shore Yoga Co-Op and in historic Haleiwa town. She brings to self-myofascial release rolling a lifetime of dance and competitive gymnastics training, yoga, Pilates, and core Barre experience.

Fran Patoskie
Practitioner - Honolulu, Hawaii

Fran was introduced to the Fascianator after a friend told her to go to a class when she was suffering from frozen shoulder. After just one session, she was amazed at the pain relief and the return of mobility to that shoulder. She knew that this was something that could help others who struggled with pain, so she became a Certified Fascianation Method Practitioner. Fran is also a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Her faith-based classes bring hope not only physically but spiritually.

Kate McDonald
Practitioner - Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Owner/Coach at FHiit Colorado

Kate received her B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science from Colorado State University. For more than 29 years she has trained in New York City, Southern California and currently Colorado, helping others set and reach their personal fitness goals. Kate was a marathon coach with the LLS’s Team-in-Training for 4 years, helping people cross the finish line in races around the world. She has completed 7 marathons, the Canadian Ironman triathlon and loves to push herself in distance races. Kate has a genuine passion for people and loves motivating others to be as healthy, strong and fit as they can be.

Joyce Edwards
Practitioner - Ko'Olina, Hawaii

 -Certified Yoga Instructor

-Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Teri Joule
Practitioner - Ko'Olina, Hawaii

 -Certified Personal Trainer

-Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Jeanne Christofferson
Practitioner - St. George, UT

I am Jeanne, Fascianation Method Practitioner and yoga instructor 200 E-RYT. I live in Southern Utah, St. George area and near to the well-known Zion National Park. It’s a beautiful area that I enjoy to explore and caters to my love of nature. My hobbies include hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, adventure and traveling.

Heather Schmidt
Practitioner - Inman, Kansas

Greetings from Kansas! My name is Heather Schmidt. I am a Certified Revelation Wellness® Instructor, Registered Nurse, and Fascianation Method Practitioner. I love being outdoors with my family, and helping people feel better!

Tiffany Thompson
Practitioner - Castle Rock, Colorado

grew up with a love for physical activity and well-being that turned into a Bachelor’s degree in Community Health Education from Brigham Young University. I am currently a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Fascianation Method Practitioner, and most importantly, a mom! My passion is to help others discover the pain relief I have found myself after years of chronic pain and migraines.

Michael Keolamau Tengan
Practitioner - Kula, Maui

What more are we capable of? Moreover, how can fulfill our greatest potential in our everyday life? With over a decade in the health & wellness industry, Michael Keolamau Tengan brings this intention into his work. From personal coaching to facilitating the Fascianator Method class, learn how to optimize and align your body, mind, and spirit.

Arnessa Iranon
Practitioner - Hilo, Hawaii

Sifu Arnessa leads the Hilo community spiritually, mentally, and physically.  She has created a culture of honor, respect, and discipline in her dojo, where she teaches Kajukenbo, fitness, and wellness classes. We are very fortunate that Sifu Arnessa incorporates The Fascianation Method in her teachings revolving around healthy living!

Denise Curran
Practitioner - Denver, Colorado

Denise’s passion is providing individuals with tools to be proactive and to take their health into their own hands. Denise is a Certified Fascianation Method Practitioner and Certified Infant Massage Instructor. She’s committed to providing education to those who desire a natural and nutritional approach to building their health, staying fit, and preventing disease.

Christel Johannson
Practitioner - Göteborgs, Sweden

PT/COACH @hagabadetalvstranden

Personal Trainer


Systemisk Coach

Ambassador Fascianator Sweden

Mimi Quirion
Practitioner - Nashville, Tennessee

Mimi is passionate about helping people become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves! She is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a specialization in Fintess Nutrition. Mimi connects deeply with nature and prefers to be outdoors! She grew up riding and has a great love for horses.  She also loves dance, martial arts, travel, and learning about different cultures.

Tania Jo Ingrahm
Practitioner - Oahu, Hawaii

Owner-operator at Tania Ingrahm

Yoga Teacher Trainer at BlissfulYogini.com

I love helping others improve their quality of life through yogic practices, play and endurance adventures in nature, smart supplementation, sensible nutrition and creative destress and body repair techniques. No one is too young or too old to improve their day to day quality of life! Promise!